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One of our specialist areas is working with schools. Over the last few years we have undertaken a number of projects, several of which have been as creative partners to "A New Direction", the Government's flagship creative learning programme, which is funded by the Arts Council.

Our projects reflect its core aims, which are to work with London's schools and young people to develop creative approaches to teaching and learning, build aspirations and skills, and connect young people to their city and the opportunities around them.

We believe schools enjoy collaborating with us because they see that our knowledge of sustainable landscaping, horticulture and art offers plenty of scope for motivated teachers to tailor projects to their curriculum. Our experience includes running workshops with pupils, staff and parents, which consequently lead to completed gardens that are truly the fruit of the school's creativity. We passionately believe that these workshops play an integral role in ensuring that the school's community shares a sense of ownership of the garden and importantly participates in its continued development.

We offer a flexible service ranging from initial studies all the way to building a garden with the pupils and staff. To date we have built vegetable, woodland, off-grid, wildlife, graffiti, water, recycled and sculpture gardens for nursery, primary and secondary schools, all of them encompassing ethical sustainability.

Also we advise schools on how best to ensure that their buildings and landscape sit responsibly within their environment, whether looking at biodiversity, energy efficiency, waste or horticultural aesthetics. Alongside with our partners Harrison Group Environmental we can combine the project as part of comprehensive BREEAM assessments.

Our collaborative method is also effective for any organisation wanting to improve its immediate environment.

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