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The total cost naturally depends on the size of the project and the client's budget, but below is a rough guide to the start up costs:

  • Initial consultation is complimentary (subject to re-imbursement of travelling costs for distances greater than 25 miles from our offices)
  • Site surveys start at 200
  • Concept Designs start at 450
  • For a complete design and build project, design and supervision fees typically will be in the range of 10 - 15% of the final build costs (following the Society of Garden Designers guidelines).
  • If the project is not covered by a percentage fee then master plan, planting plan, structural drawings, revisions etc. would be charged on the basis of an hourly rate plus expenses.
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Gardens as Investment

There have been many economic studies on the increase of value a well-designed garden adds to your property. These range from up to 10% (The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and up to 17% (Propertyfinder.com), whilst studies show that communal gardens can add even more value than private ones (University of Pennsylvania). Studies also indicate that a designed garden may be a far better investment than improving a bathroom or kitchen: whilst indoor improvements inevitably fade, a garden becomes more established and successful over a longer period of time.