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Initial Consultation

This is an opportunity to hear about your ideas and needs and to have an initial brainstorming session. After this meeting we return to the studio to evaluate the project. We respond to you within days giving you a more considered view on what is possible in the garden, and how it might be best to proceed. If you wish to take things further the next step is the Concept plan.
garden design plan sketchup, vectorworks

The Concept Plan

We initially carry out a site survey, including soil analysis, if you are not already in possession of one, and then we undertake a concept design based on our discussions.The concept plan includes a layout plan, a site analysis, 3D illustrations, examples of similar work and estimated costs of all the various options.

The Master Plan

Once we have presented the concept and estimated costs we will make any revisions necessary to move towards a final Master Plan, including structural drawings if needed as well as a planting plan. We offer a concept-only service if you're looking to just gather some ideas, as well as a design-only service if you want to seek other quotations for the building and planting stages. However we specialise in the full design and build remit, collaborating with chosen contractors and specialists that deliver on time and on budget.